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Ex-agitators allege plan to derail N/Delta peace process

Niger Delta militants

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Ex-militants allege plan to derail N/Delta peace process

There is a plan to derail the peace process in the Niger Delta by destabilizing the presidential amnesty programme, the Forum of Niger Delta ex-militants have said.

The ex-militants said they had uncovered a plot by some former staff of the amnesty office to destabilise the programme and its coordinator, Prof Charles Dokubo.

The ex-militants who have been enlisted in the second phase of the programme disclosed this in a statement weekend in Abuja signed by their spokesperson Mr Augustine Egba.

At the forefront of this plot, according to the statement is a retired Army major, who only recently was falsely parading himself as the Chief of Staff in the Amnesty Office, before he was eased out by the new coordinator of the programme.

The retired army officer has been “concocting falsehood and devising all manner of subterfuge,” in his bid to return to the Amnesty Office, the ex-militants said.

The forum said all ex-militants enlisted in the programme are opposed to the return of the retired officer o the Amnesty Office, given his antecedents, when he served during the tenure of the former coordinator retired Brig-General Paul Boroh.

Credit: Daily Trust